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How to Clean a Kitchen Sponge...Correctly

Do you know that without proper cleaning, a kitchen sponge can be the filthiest item in the house? Are you tired of changing your sponge every other week to avoid spreading disease?  Please stick with me for this 1-minute read for some tips to clean this most common tool in the kitchen.dirty sponge, how to clean a sponge

- Use a microfiber sponge
Next time when you look for a new sponge to replace the worn-out one, consider microfiber.  The composition of the material makes it dry faster, leading to fewer bacteria breeding.  The diameter of one microfiber is 1/51 of that of cotton fiber.  When you wipe the grease, oil particles are kept between the microfiber, rather than being absorbed to the cotton fiber.  The former therefore is much easier to be cleaned after use.

- Clean your sponge daily
A clean dish sponge decreases the chances of spreading bacteria.  Choose a brand that is machine washable or dishwasher friendly to make the task easier.  Squeeze out all the liquid and hang it to dry.  From time to time, make the sponge completely wet and microwave it for one minute.  This way, most of the bacteria inside will be killed.  Make sure you keep an eye on it when it is in the microwave.  Some sponges may catch fire. Or better, choose a brand that is made of anti-bacterial material, to minimize the bacteria.

- Rinse and dry before storing
If you are going to store the extra sponges, make sure to put them in a place that is airy and dry.  Remember the fact that moist can encourage bacteria breeding.

- Don’t use sponges to wipe raw meat juices
Don’t use your everyday dishwashing and counter wiping sponge to wipe areas for preparation of raw meat.  Raw meat juices may contain dangerous bacteria that make people sick.  In this case, use a paper tower instead.

- Change the sponge when necessary
All the above tips help you last the lifespan of a sponge.  However, if you find a sponge has a bad smell, indicating a high amount of bacteria, it is better to throw it away and get a new one.

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