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Our Mission

Be Clean • Go Green

Promoting affordable eco-friendly products

We founded EcoFans® with one simple goal: to help you experiment with your passion while providing amazing prices. We were tired of cookie-cutter stores with lackluster selection and boring gifts. So instead of offering a huge, unoriginal collection, we carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited for people having taste buds like you. In addition, we focus on items that get you excited about shopping again, as we believe buying online should always be fun!

How EcoFans® make e-shopping greener?

Honest full details

We provide full specs through various means. You can make a fully-informed decision before making the purchase and even “feel” the benefits of using our product by reviewing the product video. If you need to buy relatively standard items, what makes it better to pay a visit to a physical store (instead of doing it online)?

Effective stock management

We serve international customers worldwide with our centralized warehouse to avoid duplicate inventory and storage. We select fast-moving products with short replenish lead-time to ease our order planning. We are asset-light and keep much fewer stocks compared to physical retailers.

Wide spectrum of options

We offer items in (a) specific/random colours and (b) various bundles from 1pcs to 30pcs. You can pick the option that perfectly matches your needs. We believe only in this way we remove purchases of goods that are not necessarily need.

Reasonably efficient shipping

To encourage consolidated shipment to customers, we will (a) regularly improve our product line and (b) offer deep discounts on products ordered together. We also offer free priority mail, which utilizes the untaken space for scheduled planes and trucks. It makes the transport more efficient without causing additional pollution (which many green advocates claim).

Strict screening for reliable suppliers

Focusing solely on the end product is not enough. The whole manufacturing process needed to be eco-friendly to make a business environmentally sustainable. This mindset impacts our entire supply chain, from obtaining raw materials to the products' potential recyclability. For example, our EcoFans® branded microfiber sponges are manufactured under a production line verified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Selecting eco-friendly products

Before each product launch, we perform extensive research and testing to ensure that the product is good to the environment as claimed.
Our customers' feedbacks will also drive us to phase out items not complying with this mission.

Why choose EcoFans®?

Quality and Safe Product

Our stringent product selection ensures that EcoFans® products conform with our eco-friendly mission. We see a growing need for integrating environmentally sound choices into supply-chain management. This mindset impacts our entire manufacturing process, from where the raw materials are obtained, to the manufacturing processes, to the potential recyclability of the products.

Hassle Free Ordering

We aim at offering a simpler, faster, and better way to replenish your kitchen supplies and manage your orders anytime, anywhere. Mis-pricing and security is never an issue in EcoFans®. There is no hidden fee and cost. Our team regularly reviews the orders to ensure the amounts are duly accounted for.

Order and Parcel Tracking

We understand our job is not yet done until the products reach your hand safely. Rest assured that your order status can be managed on the customer page. Meanwhile, online tracking lets you keep an eye on your shipment so that you don’t have to put your life on pause while it’s in transit.

What we offer?

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