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-Sample Set 001 - Hot picks-Bundle-ecofans---

EcoFans® Select

Sample Set 002 – Hot Picks for You to Try!


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We offer a variety of home essentials and what a wonderful opportunity this is to try our hottest items! Simply choose the quantity and we’ll send you our best and most effective products at our cost! What other company does that?!! None, but us! Why? Because we want you to love EcoFans® and we know that when you get your hands on our superior items, you’ll be back for more!

Here’s an example of what you may receive in your surprise pack:

  • Our amazing loofah sponges – biodegradable, plant based for an eco-friendly option for not just bathing, but also in the kitchen for cleaning and scrubbing!
  • Reusable and washable Kraft paper containers – high elasticity foam withstands 10,000 folds, twists and squeezes!
  • Stainless steel clothespin clips with hooks – design a photo collection, hang clothing to dry or store anything that fits in the clips!
  • Swedish dishcloths – with their amazing absorption and durable cleaning action, you’ll reach for far less paper towels!

Try your luck - You will see the parcel content after we confirm the order. We promise to send you products you’re going to love!