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-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge-Sponge-ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge-Sponge-ecofans---
KS052-LN-10-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge_BD-Sponge-ecofans-10-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-LN-30-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-30-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-30-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-30-White-Rectangle
KS052-W-10-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-10-White-Rectangle
KS052-LN-20-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-20-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-20-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-20-White-Rectangle
KS052-LN-15-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-15-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-15-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-15-White-Rectangle


Eco-Friendly Loofah Sponge – for Bathtime Exfoliation or as a Kitchen Scrubber_BD1


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Towel Biodegradable Compostable Reuse

With multiple uses, you’ll appreciate our multi-packs of these indispensable and environmentally safe loofah scrubbies! Our 100% plant-based organic loofahs are reusable and biodegradable, so they’re completely safe for humans, pets and the planet!

Use our luxurious double-sided loofah pads in the bath or shower for a soothing and deep exfoliation! They’re machine washable – but hang to dry!

Each loofah is double-padded for durability! Use in the kitchen as a scratch-resistant scrubber that works great on pots and pans, counters and stovetops! And, they’re dishwasher safe!

Here are more wonderful uses of our powerful loofah sponges:

  • Wash dishes because they naturally dissolve oil and grease!
  • Scrub fruits because they’re great at removing dirt and residue!
  • Wash everything from your car to your dog!

They’re a zero-waste alternative with no plastic in the loofah or packaging! So, feel great about this purchase and buy several!