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-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge-Sponge-ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans---
-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge-Sponge-ecofans---
KS052-LN-10-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge_BD-Sponge-ecofans-10-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-LN-30-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-30-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-30-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-30-White-Rectangle
KS052-W-10-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-10-White-Rectangle
KS052-LN-20-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-20-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-20-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-20-White-Rectangle
KS052-LN-15-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-15-Light Brown-Rectangle
KS052-W-15-Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge--ecofans-15-White-Rectangle


Dual-Sided Loofah Sponge_BD1


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Towel Biodegradable Compostable Reuse
  • Safe To Use
    100% plant-based, organic and degradable. No toxic material used. Safe for both humans and the planet.

  • Non-Scratch Scrubber
    Becomes soft and tender once soaked in water. Does not scratch pans nor surfaces.

  • Multipurpose
    Suitable for dishes (dissolves oil & grease), scrubbing fruit (removes dust and residuals), house cleaning, and skin exfoliating.

  • Easy To Maintain
    Dishwasher friendly and machine washable. Hang to dry.

  • Durable
    Made with two loofah pads sewed together. More durable than single-side loose pads.

  • Zero Waste
    100% plant-based. No plastic used in the product nor its packaging.